Kunovice, Czech Republic
Folk ensemble of songs and dances

Our Town Kunovice


Kunovice lies on the river Olsava, three kilometres to the South of Uherske Hradiste. This South-Eastern region is called Slovacko. Since 1997 it is a town with more than five thousand inhabitants.


The town authorities support cultural activities and local traditions as Lent, Ride of the Kings and harvest feast and the town itself is flourishing. In 1994 the history of International child’s folk festival „Kunovske leto” was started and ten year later it was joined with a seminar for group leaders and school of folk dance. Both these events attract numerous visitors. As many as four local child’s groups together with grown up Handrlak take advantage of the rich cultural heritage.
It was documented by Masaryk art academy that gave the town Rudolph II Award for long lasting protection of cultural heritage and its continuous promotion.

More information about our town can be found on webpage: www.mesto-kunovice.cz